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The Single's Guide for Youths and Teenagers

Are you single and ready to embrace a journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Whether you're currently navigating the dating scene or simply enjoying your own company, this is the perfect time to invest in yourself and cultivate a life that aligns with your true purpose and desires. 1. Invest in Yourself: Take the time to explore your passions, interests, and talents. Sign up for that cooking class you've been eyeing, start learning a new language, or pursue a hobby that brings you joy. Investing in yourself not only enriches your life but also enhances your confidence and self-worth. 2. Cultivate Healthy Thought Patterns: Your thoughts shape your reality, so it's essential to cultivate a positive and empowering mindset. Practice gratitude daily, challenge negative self-talk, and surround yourself with uplifting influences. By fostering healthy thought patterns, you'll attract positivity and abundance into your life. 3. Develop a Manner of Approach: As you intera
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Embracing Singleness: Pursuing Purpose Before Partnership or Marriage

In a world that often romanticizes the idea of finding "the one" and settling down, it's easy to feel like your life is on hold until you meet your soulmate. But what if I told you that your life is already full of purpose and meaning, regardless of your relationship status? What if I encouraged you to embrace your singleness as a time to grow, pursue your passions, and deepen your relationship with God? The Bible offers us valuable insights into the importance of embracing our singleness and living a purpose-driven life, whether we're single or in a relationship. In 1 Corinthians 7:32-35, the Apostle Paul writes about the advantages of being single, highlighting how it allows individuals to be fully devoted to serving the Lord without the distractions of marriage. He emphasizes that singleness can be a gift that enables believers to focus on their relationship with God and the work He has called them to do. So, what does it mean to live a purposeful life as a single

Cultivating Wholeness: A Biblical Guide for Singles on the Journey to Healthy Relationships

For singles navigating the path towards a future relationship, it's essential to recognize that the quality of our lives as individuals profoundly influences the dynamics of our future partnerships. While the desire for companionship is natural, it is crucial to prioritize personal growth and wholeness while awaiting a godly and healthy relationship. Drawing inspiration from scripture, let us explore how daily immersion in God's word can transform our attitudes, thoughts, choices, and decisions, laying the foundation for vibrant and sustainable relationships. In Psalm 119:105 (NIV), we find the assurance that God's word is a lamp for our feet and a light on our path. As singles, we are called to immerse ourselves in the wisdom and guidance of scripture, allowing its truths to illuminate our journey towards wholeness and fulfillment. By daily engaging with God's word, we invite His transformative power to shape our attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors, molding us into indi

Embracing Singleness: Discovering Your Direction in God's Plan

As a single individual, whether you're in your youth or teenage years, it's easy to feel pressure from society to rush into dating relationships. However, this stage of singleness is a precious time to discover your direction in life according to God's personal dealings with you. Singleness is often viewed as a transitional period, a waiting room before the main event of marriage. But in reality, it's so much more than that. It's an opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and understanding the direction of your destiny before committing to a romantic relationship. During your single stage, it's crucial to take the time to explore who you are as an individual. What are your passions, dreams, and goals? What values and beliefs are important to you? By delving into these questions, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want out of life. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to seek God's guidance and discern His plan for your life. Thr

Divine Encounter with the Holy Spirit

The first level of relationship the Holy Spirit want to share with you is what I call DIVINE ENCOUNTER. This is an Eternal operation of the Holy Spirit over your life in other to set you Apart for himself.  The power that separate you from the shadows (pain, regrets, mistakes, ignorance, condemnation & human expectation) is Divine Encounter with the Holy Spirit. This experience is not some thing you can not do with or by your strength, fasting or prayer. Divine Encounter is only way to come out of the *Shadows* and the only way to step into God's love prepared for your life.  Divine Encounter flows through your ability to believe on what God's Word has written concerning your life. If you believe in the finished work of Jesus on the cross - the Holy Spirit will embrace you with Divine Encounter.   Divine Encounter with the Holy Spirit is possible through the studying and meditating on God's Word with the aim of you knowing and understanding who God has created you to be

Be Single But Don't Be Stupid

Relationship is a tool and platform for maintaining, sustaining and deploying of dreams or purpose. Relationship is a tool and platform for learning, discovering and development your capacity, potentials, ideas and dream. Relationship is a tool and platform for participating in adding value to others and in receiving value from others. Being single is not a curse but an opportunity to discover your self and explore your dream. Being single is a season. There is a time to be single and there is a time for dating. Don't pursue your dream to the extreme and abandon the need for dating. Dating is a necessity and a pleasure. If you can't cultivate a healthy life as a single, dating will frustrate you. Be single and be productive. Be single and be result oriented. Be single and develop your capacity. Be single and understand your direction in life. Be single and Specific about your reason for existence. You are unique and you must dare to be different. Learn to stay where God has ord


The strength of the Lord is upon you but won't be manifested without stress and pressures of life. How will you grow in the wisdom of God if they are no difficult situation to handle? How will you understand God's love and acceptance if no body rejects you and treat you bad? Beloved of God, Salvation is not a place for comfort. It is a place for constant growth in the knowledge and plan of God. Its okay to be encouraged but every encouragement is given to you to empower you to grow and practice the plans and calling of God upon your life. You need to grow to a place where you are matured in Christ enough to ENCOURAGE YOUR SELF IN THE LORD. There is a demand for you to grow and take charge of every thing God have ordained for your life. It is time to stretch and grow into the next phase of God's plan for your life. Prince Victor Matthew Hope Expression Hub